Helen Doron English Students in Poland Celebrate the End of the School Year with a Bang!

The school year ended recently and in celebration of a productive year filled with pleasurable learning, many Helen Doron English Learning Centres around the world sponsored creative, gala celebrations for teachers, students and their families. Several Helen Doron English Learning Centres in Poland shared with us their festivities, sharing with us some of the fun and joy that prevailed!

Helen Doron English – End of Year Party Namyslow, Poland
Helen Doron English – End of Year Party Namyslow, Poland

In Lublin, Poland, Teen English students made their own celebratory video of Stay in the Game which you can see for yourself HERE.

Helen Doron English – Malbork, Poland had a fun-filled picnic that included great food, competitions and fund-raising activities for animal rights. See highlights from Malbork’s party HERE.

Helen Doron English – Żukowo, Poland “got happy” at their end of the year picnic, and fun was had by all. WATCH THIS and get happy too!

Helen Doron English – Namyslow, Poland’s party included great food, entertainment and awards for the students. Some of their pictures are HERE.



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