The New Helen Doron Internet Radio Attracts Teens from 81 Countries


English radio at Helen DoronOn the air for only 2 months, the online phenomenon is rapidly increasing its global fan base of teens seeking to improve their English.

Richard Freedman, veteran radio producer, content creator and broadcaster, is the online star of the new station, and together with Helen Doron, CEO and Founder of Helen Doron Ltd. and Keren Livne, Helen Doron Marketing Manager, formed the team to create the winning station.

The original concept stemmed from a radio interview Ms Doron did with a local radio station a few years ago, where Mr Freedman was the programme’s producer.  Following the show, the two discussed the possibility of launching a radio station based on Helen Doron English’s successful methodology and recently, they met again, to plan and eventually implement the station. The 24/7 programming is targeted at helping people all over the world improve their English through: music, stories, quizzes, contests, several types of news, special guest interviews on various topics and more. All content is specifically geared towards teenagers, and in just one month, the station has attracted listeners from over 80 countries, with hundreds listening daily on a regular basis and participating in the diverse, interactive broadcasting.

According to Richard Freedman, “The live shows are different every day, but what they have in common is that they are all built around topics that affect our listeners’ lives— all presented in easy English. There are many teens that learn much of their spoken English from TV, so we provide them with a stimulating way to supplement their learning in a fun and exciting way. We have found that the students enrolled in Helen Doron Teen English classes enjoy the station as well, using it to enhance what they are learning in the educational franchise’s learning centres, giving them the best opportunities to speak English fluently. “

Keren Livne added, “We are very pleased that so many teens are taking advantage of this opportunity. When we launched the Helen Doron Radio, we knew we were filling the need for a cool EFL (English as a Foreign Language) radio station that appeals to youth and motivates them to improve their English skills.  Although we haven’t yet done any official advertising or promotion, listener feedback has already been very positive.  People say they enjoy the music and Richard is fun and interesting. There is always something exciting going on, and difficult words are explained, so ESL (English as a Second Language) students all over the world understand completely. We have found the right balance between music and content for this market, and the increasing listener numbers show we were right to create this station.”

The station’s live broadcasting is currently from 15:00-18:00 Central European Time, with repeat shows to allow those listening from Asia and South America to tune-in, as well. Future plans include increasing the live shows, with even more guest shows featuring subject experts from around the world.

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