Bilingualism Builds Better Brains

Bilingualism-baby's brains Feb 2016

Helen Doron English is built upon a unique methodology that teaches English as a mother-tongue language, beginning at the earliest ages when a child is primed to learn.

Children’s brains are growing from the moment of conception. When a child is born he is hard-wired for breathing, seeing and eventually, focused vision. Despite this hard wiring, the child has thousands upon millions upon billions and trillions of brain cells that are not yet connected. You cannot do anything with an unconnected brain cell; it has no pathway.  It’s all about connections. So, how do you connect brain cells? You connect them through stimulus. Through stimulus, the brain cells start to connect. . The more stimuli they receive, the more they will connect. Once connected, they will stay connected for life. Early connections last. You can never be too young to learn. 

Helen Doron English programmes begin at the age of 3 months and continue through to age 19. Second language learning can and should begin early and the benefits to the child are significant.

There is a wealth of available information about the tremendous benefits of bilingualism for your child. Some recommended articles are:

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