SUCCESS! Spain’s Youngest Teacher is Sweet 18 and Learned English with Helen Doron


Anna (who goes by the nickname Mixa) hails from Catalonia, Spain and lives in the architectural wonderland of Barcelona with her parents. From a very young age she was exposed to various languages, as she comes from a multilingual environment.

Anna is currently the youngest Helen Doron teacher in the international network, which includes over 4,000 teachers in 36 countries. How did she decide to train at such a young age after so many years as a Helen Doron student? “Last year Meena Athwani (the Master Franchisor for Catalonia and director of the Sagrada Familia centre in Barcelona) talked to me about the possibility of being trained as a teacher. I thought it promised to be an exciting challenge and a way of discovering lots of new experiences… and it was!”

The young teacher reflected on her years as a Helen Doron student. “I started studying with Helen Doron after starting primary school. I met Kangi and her friends for the first time in “English for all children” (those were the days!) then I moved on to “More English for all children”, “Paul Ward’s World”, “Paul and the Treasure” and finally, “Teen Choices”.

She highly recommends Helen Doron classes to parents considering giving their children the internationally essential gift of English. “Don’t think twice!  Everywhere I go I recommend this method, because it hasn’t stopped enriching my life right from the beginning!

You can learn about books, her hobby and passion, from Mixa no matter where you are in the world, every Wednesday at 17 10 CET on Helen Doron Radio when she does her informative book review segment, which she loves and is an important part of her life. “The Helen Doron Radio is fabulous! It’s so funny and enriching that you don’t realize you’re learning English while listening to it! Moreover, whatever your hobbies or interests are, there’s always a show ready to entertain you and listeners can participate in a thousand ways: voting for their favourite songs, sending requests, winning amazing t-shirts and Bluetooth speakers, and participating in photo contests, among others. The best thing of all, though, is that you can tell the Helen Doron Radio crew love what they do and I feel so glad to collaborate with them!”

The motivated young woman would like to thank everyone in the Helen Doron world who have encouraged her to become the star she is today. “After all these years, all the teachers and members of the centres I learned with have become part of my family. I feel a lot of gratitude towards them and also towards Helen Doron herself. As I told her once when she visited us personally in Barcelona: thank you for creating your method. Without it I wouldn’t be the same person I am today!”

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