SUCCESS! Multilingual family in Montenegro Feels at Home with Helen Doron

Engineer Adriana Micu and her biologist husband live and work in an international environment, so having a high level of English is essential. Adriana tells us about their decision to send their four-year-old daughter, Maya, to Helen Doron, and why it is the best choice for them.

“We love Helen Doron because it has a very innovative approach personalized for each and every child. The number of kids in each class is limited, so that they can benefit from the teachers’ full attention. We like the methodology and approach that is used by the specially trained teachers, because it combines serious learning with having fun, so kids can progress without even noticing that they are actually acquiring knowledge. Most importantly, Maya is happy and she loves her teacher and always speaks at home about how nice she is and about all the new things she is learning. She also likes her peers. I think this is a very good environment for proper development of a child.

Maya is basically exposed to four different languages, because we are a mixed family. She handles these transitions from one language to another very well. She feels very comfortable and has no problems in doing so. The common language at home is English, so she is already exposed to English. I try to speak with her in Romanian, my partner talks to her in Albanian and with her baby-sitter she speaks in Montenegrin. It is good that she learned a little more discipline at school, how to respect her peers and the teacher. She learned many new songs and attending Helen Doron has been a very good choice for her.

She is always totally happy when it’s time for her to attend class. For me, it is a very good indicator about the quality of service provided and the care that each and every child gets in Helen Doron.

I heard about the Helen Doron methodology by word-of-mouth, from a friend of a friend. I never knew about the existence of Helen Doron schools worldwide, besides the Montenegrin branch. I am happy with what I found here. It is a very friendly atmosphere and that is what counts. You should not push kids back from learning, because it does not work to set strict rules for kids at this age. Helen Doron is a very good mix between discipline, having fun, and learning, of course. That is what I was actually looking for and am happy to have found it!”


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