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hde_success_katarina-hagovska-slovakia_528pxKatarina Hagovska is an enthusiastic Helen Doron English teacher, as well as the proud mother of 3 Helen Doron students! The family lives in Roznava, which is a small town in Slovakia close to the Hungarian border, so the majority of the town’s population is bilingual. ” I’ve been happily married for ten years and I have three wonderful children, one girl and two boys who speak Slovak and Hungarian fluently— and of course they are Helen Doron students who love learning English!”

Katarina majored in English and German language and literature in university and started her career as a teacher at the secondary grammar school in Roznava. Similar to many other Helen Doron teachers and franchisees, she came across Helen Doron while looking for a way to teach her own child English. “My daughter was 3 when I decided to start teaching her English, but didn’t know how. I was searching the internet in order to buy some books or CDs, when I came along Helen Doron and saw demo lessons being offered. I liked it immediately, but the closest Helen Doron centre was more than an hour’s drive, so I decided to become a Helen Doron teacher myself and teach my own children. At that time I didn’t know how much I would enjoy teaching with the Helen Doron method and how it would change my life. “

Five years later, Katarina teaches students from ages 2-3 all the way up to the Teen Talent courses for adolescents. Looking back on her experience teaching traditionally at a public school, she compared the two experiences and describes why she prefers Helen Doron. “I had a chance to experience teaching at a secondary grammar school and I really appreciate the work of my colleagues there, as they are under constant pressure trying to do their best in the given conditions. Teaching for Helen Doron gave me great freedom and unburdened me from such unpleasant and time-consuming tasks such as: grading, regular testing and stressful preparations for classes.

Teaching became my hobby and I look forward to each class, because it is always a challenge of my knowledge and creativity, of my ability to get children interested and involved in what we are learning. Helen Doron teachers have passion and love for English and children.”

To her, it is obvious that the Helen Doron methodology is the right choice. “From the first demo lesson on, the students and the parents are aware of the differences between classical English courses and Helen Doron English. Small groups, friendly environment, sitting in a circle on the carpet, a lot of movement, singing, arts and crafts, positive reinforcement and a lot of fun in class, as well as regular home hearing of the CDs make the Helen Doron methodology unique. The course materials are also very attractive and interactive, thanks to the special applications. However, in my opinion it is also the personality of the teacher that makes the courses different from all other courses. The teacher who is ready to crawl, make animal sounds and get wet and dirty if needed, is ready to have fun being a Helen Doron teacher!”

Katarina is very happy in her chosen career as a Helen Doron teacher, and is grateful for the way her life is enhanced being part of the Helen Doron family. “Thank you that I have a job that makes me feel happy and fulfilled. Thank you for the chance to teach the way that works for all children effectively. Thank you for all the children who enjoy learning English the right way. Thank you for the parents who are satisfied with the wonderful results of Helen Doron English. Just…thank you!”

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