SUCCESS! Danijela Haralović, National Franchisor Croatia


Being a Helen Doron franchisee provides an ideal situation for mothers committed to spending quality time with their young children, while running a successful business at the same time.

Danijela Haralović, National Franchisor for Croatia enthused, “I got involved in this business as the methodology really impressed me. We sent our 2 & 5 year old children to Helen Doron courses and saw how interested they were and how quickly they learned English. I decided to bring the method to Croatia and improve the education of children in our country. I am proud that our LCFs and teachers are building the foundation for the future generations’ easier communication with the world— while having fun!”

She recently added a new Helen Doron student to the Baby’s Best Start programme. “One of the most important things in my life over the past 18 months has been the fact that I have a new Helen Doron student under my wing, my baby daughter. Although I know and have learned a lot about Helen Doron students as National Franchisor for Croatia for the past seven years, I really like the opportunity to enjoy Baby’s Best Start as a proud parent, actively participating in my baby’s early English learning experience from age four months.”

Ms. Haralović continued, “I have three children, all of whom are enrolled in Helen Doron English, and I absolutely love seeing how much they have all grown—not to mention the other 3,800 students in Croatia. I now have 60 teachers and I work closely with my franchisees every day to make sure that we only go forward, opening learning centres across the country every year. With that, I am delighted to have created new jobs, helping to reduce unemployment in our country, all while having dedicated and happy teachers who have been part of my team for years. It is easy to be a woman in the Helen Doron world. You get more out of your business life and you can have a wonderful, fulfilling personal life at the same time.”

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