Bringing Opportunity to the Children of Albania

Elizaveta Biba (Liza) is the director of the Helen Doron Learning Center in Tirana and the national representative of Helen Doron English in Albania.

Originally from Russia, Liza has been learning English throughout her life, “through the Russian school system, a private course with native speakers and studying in UK and working in USA for awhile.” She found the traditional method lf learning languages in school to be a struggle. “That’s why when I think about the advantages of the natural, easy learning of English as a mother tongue, through games and songs and hands-on experience – I am totally in love with the way the Helen Doron methodology works.”

As an immigrant, Liza found a lot lacking for preschool children. “It has been my dream to offer greater learning opportunities to children in Albania. When I moved to Tirana, I could not find any play and learn activities for preschool age. There was nothing to stimulate healthy mind and body growth. So, I searched for stimulating English programmes for children and I found the Helen Doron Early English methodology. “

With great enthusiasm, Liza decided to become a Helen Doron teacher “to give a new experience of learning English with ease and fun to the children of Albania. In July 2012 I opened my learning centre and was pleased to have both Albanian and foreign families who valued the method and chose the easy way for their children to learn English.”

She continued about why the Helen Doron method works so well. “What I love most about the method is that it is completely child-centered, so the children love and enjoy the lessons. We all know when we love something and enjoy doing it, it is effortless for us to learn. We have specially developed materials and lesson plans and are taught special skills. Thanks to the pedagogic team who puts together the language content considering the needs of children at each stage, and the teacher trainers for their skills and knowledge—learning is fun and easy.”

According to Ms. Biba, the children learn much more than the English language. “They acquire positive social experience in the small group setting, they grow in self-confidence and develop communication skills, they learn about other cultures …all while having fun!  As a mom, I can see the results of this on my own daughter. She is 2.7 years now and started the program for babies, “Babies Best Start” at the age of 8 months, and then continued the second year with “It is a Baby Dragon”. She speaks 3 languages with no struggle, naturally. I know I gave her the best experience of early development and early English I could through the Helen Doron English method. I am excited to see her growing in 3 languages, as this is a lifetime experience and advantage.”

She is also thrilled with the career opportunities the company offers. “I love my job as a teacher and owner of a learning centre. As a result, after five successful years in Tirana I decided to go further and become the national representative of Helen Doron English in Albania, expanding the opportunity for children across the country. If you want to be a part of an internationally successful business and you would love to spread the passion for English to children in your city, join the Helen Doron Franchise network today.”

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