Success! Bilingual in Portugal, Thanks to Helen Doron English

Eduardo Carrancho from Lisbon Portugal is 9-years-old and has already been a Helen Doron English student for 5 years at the Odivelas Learning Centre. His big sister, Beatriz, is 20 years old and his parents, Pedro and Isabel, are both economists.

Eduardo’s Dad, Pedro, proudly told us about his son’s progress so far: “Eduardo is close to being bilingual (Portuguese and English) and I think he can become a perfect English speaker, thanks to his Helen Doron classes! He has lots of fun in class and also finds them interesting and as a result, his English is definitely better than his friends who don’t attend Helen Doron!”

Why do Eduardo’s parents feel it is important for him to have such a high level of English? “English is and always will be the global language. So, any education must include English from an early age. When deciding which programme to send him to, we chose Helen Doron, as it is is a more natural method. “

Additionally, the enthusiastic Dad appreciates the easy-to-use apps that augment the Helen Doron programmes, in particular the Jump with Joey and More Jump with Joey apps, both of which incorporate augmented reality technologies.

Pedro reflects that he always recommends Helen Doron to friends as “the unique methodology is a way to learn a foreign language with no effort.”

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