Considering becoming an EFL teacher? Don’t stop there. Start your own business.

Become an EFL Teacher

EFL careers are attractive for a variety of reasons. For someone with a mastery of English, who enjoys working with people, and wants to travel, being an EFL teacher can often allow you the freedom and flexibility that other career tracks simply can’t offer.

But it needn’t stop there. For many franchisors in the Helen Doron English network, becoming a teacher was just the first step to launching them to the path from being a salaried employee to being the owner of their own business. In fact, many of our teachers have gone on to become Learning Centre Franchisers (LCFs) and some have become Master Franchisors.

One of the great benefits of joining a franchise organization is that franchisees don’t need to reinvent the wheel. They learn from our experience and benefit from ongoing support in the field of pedagogics and business.

So, what options are available?
• Working as a teacher in a Learning Centre enables you to benefit more directly from the promotional and marketing efforts of the local franchisee, who provides you with classes to teach.
• As a self-employed teacher, you have more freedom to manage your teaching practice as a privately-run business. You secure the rights to use our teaching methods and materials by paying a modest royalty fee.
• If you’re an entrepreneur looking for a new lifestyle, becoming a Learning Studio franchisee is an opportunity to run a private teaching business and bring a positive difference to the lives of your students and community. As a Learning Studio franchisee, you will be given an exclusive franchise area.

Look before you leap. If you are thinking about becoming part of the educational franchising industry, make sure you love children. Having good English is simply not enough. It really is more than just a job, it is a vocation.

If you’re thinking about becoming an EFL teacher, consider joining an organization that allows you to grow with the company and choose your career path according to your lifestyle. You too could end up running your own successful business.

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