Helen Doron Franchisee Empowers and Motivates Bulgarian Kids the Natural Way

Multilingualism has always been an important part of Helen Doron English teacher and Learning Centre Franchisee Rossi Milkoff’s family.  “I’m from Sofia, Bulgaria and I’m part of ‘the happiest family of three’ as my 11-year-old son Victor likes to say. Born and raised in the U.S., Victor is a true bilingual as he’s grown-up with English and Bulgarian around him since he was a baby. When he was just three years old he joined a pilot all-Spanish language preschool programme and did great, which helped me realize how valuable languages are from an early age. At home we speak Bulgarian and switch between Bulgarian and English with ease. Victor still knows a bit of Spanish, I know a little German and my husband Kalo Milkoff, who works in the software industry, is also fluent in Russian.”

After spending a decade in the United States working with kids in the Pacific Northwest and Washington D.C., Rossi moved back to Bulgaria aspiring to open her own kindergarten. “I was hoping that I could leverage my experience with my husband’s top U.S. business school education and technology background to build an organization that positively impacts my community. We struggled to find a place in Bulgaria for Victor to maintain his native English language skills. After unsuccessfully trying several places, we finally discovered a Helen Doron learning centre. Just a few weeks after Victor began classes I knew that teaching kids English by using the Helen Doron method was exactly the kind of work I should be doing in Sofia. My neighborhood didn’t yet have a learning centre close by, so I decided to open one!”

Rossi has found her niche in many ways in the world of Helen Doron, and explains why it is an excellent way to both teach and learn. “I’m looking forward to my 5th year, both as a teacher and as a manager. I’m really excited that I am able to provide a great experience for my learning centre kids. It’s important to have the right approach in teaching babies, young children and teenagers. Our parents know that at Helen Doron we are teaching their kids English in a natural way, with no pressure. We use games, actions and songs to involve their kids in the learning process. Our classroom atmosphere is casual, fostering cooperation and healthy competition.”

Rossi strongly believes from her own personal and professional experience, starting children in class when they are very young is preferable to waiting until they are older. “I advise parents to be brave and enroll their child as early as possible. Our proven teaching method has helped millions of kids learn to communicate in English, but parents might also be surprised that their children also become more social and open to the world.”

For people considering a franchise career with Helen Doron, Rossi has some sound advice.  “Building a successful business depends on a variety of factors, big and small. With Helen Doron I appreciate most the high-quality method and materials, the product development and the training both for teachers, as well as business owners.  The headquarters team makes sure that the global network of franchisees keeps up with the rapidly changing technology and the needs of the new generation of kids.”

In summation, Ms. Milkoff quoted her favourite philosopher: “Ludwig Wittgenstein wrote in 1922, ‘The limits of my language mean the limits of my world’. I am glad that through my work I am able to broaden the world for my neighborhood children and empower them to excel.”

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