Helen Doron English Students Return to Learning in Class and from Home

The beginning of the new school year is on the horizon, and in some countries, classes are resuming at Helen Doron English learning centres and kindergartens. Others will begin this year’s education learning from home, according to their local regulations. In both scenarios, thousands of Helen Doron English students in 38 countries will begin the school year with the same joyful, stimulating lessons that characterize the successful methodology—learning through music, movement and games. In this way, they can absorb a new language in a way similar to how they learnt their mother tongue.

While Helen Doron teachers efficiently and quickly adapted to online teaching, those who are allowed to return to face-to-face teaching are relieved and very happy to be getting out of the house and back to their routines in class. This ongoing challenge has served to prove, once again, that at Helen Doron, the learning never stops—no matter what!



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