Helen Doron’s Global Campaign Winners Donate €9,000 to Non-Profits

be kind

All winning projects contributed their prizes to the charity of their choice, directly related to their individual campaigns.

The Helen Doron Young Heroes campaigns highlight the values of the company and empower our students to practise them actively on an ongoing basis. Each of the past campaigns has successfully encouraged our communities around the world to get involved, and many of the projects have continued over the years. The global Education franchise, successfully operating for over 37 years with locations in 40 countries, is unique in putting values for life at the forefront of its teaching method, as well as within every level of its international network. Embedded into all of our courses are values including the following and more:

  • Kindness and compassion
  • Teamwork and leadership
  • Empathy and tolerance towards others
  • Respecting cultural variety
  • Protecting the environment
  • Loving and caring for all living creatures
  • Importance of friendship and family
  • Giving back to the community

Children are encouraged to appreciate life at a young age, growing up with a healthy lifestyle and being encouraged to think in creative and innovative ways. The focus of the 2021-2022 Young Heroes campaign was enabling children, tweens and teens to perform simple acts of kindness and inspire others to do the same. The theme emphasized that “kindness costs NOTHING but means EVERYTHING!”

Cash prizes were awarded to the top 3 Young Hero projects’ chosen non-profit organisations as follows:

1st Place – Spain with “The Great Food Collection Campaign”   €5,000 donation to “Food Banks of Spain”

All of the Helen Doron English learning centres in Spain joined the Great Food Collection Campaign that has been carried out throughout their country every year. All of the 80+ Helen Doron schools together collected almost 10,000 kilos of food. Families, students, teachers and franchisees collaborated by contributing their share so that no one will go hungry. All of the food collected was been donated to the food banks in all of the cities in Spain where there are Helen Doron learning centres.

1st Place – Spain with “The Great Food Collection Campaign” €5,000 donation to “Food Banks of Spain”


2nd Place – Serbia “Children’s Shelter”   €2,500 donation to “Belgrade Children’s Shelter” 

There are two shelters for poor or neglected children in Belgrade, Serbia. Workers and volunteers at these shelters work hard and do their very best to provide basic necessities for these kids. At Helen Doron in Belgrade, they decided to help these children and make their winter holiday a bit easier and a lot happier. They collected toys, board games, clothes and sweets for them, as well as donated several Christmas presents to the shelter. “You will give a little of your time, but you will get so much more in return.”

2nd Place – Serbia “Children’s Shelter” €2,500 donation to “Belgrade Children's Shelter”


3rd Place – Bosnia & Herzegovina “Spreading Kindness for Elders   €1,500 donation to “Udruženje građana – Oplemeni srce”

Students from all of the Helen Doron English schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina came together with a common idea of showing kindness to older neighbours and relatives, showing them how much they appreciate their knowledge, wisdom and experience, as well as delivering warm meals to those in need. They also visited nursing homes and brought gifts.

3rd Place – Bosnia & Herzegovina “Spreading Kindness for Elders €1,500 donation to “Udruženje građana - Oplemeni srce”


Please see the campaign website: https://www.helendoron.com/youngheroes2021/winners and
have fun viewing the compilation video, including highlights from many of the projects!

Let’s be kind. Pass it ON!





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