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How Helen Doron classes gave Lucijan the freedom to communicate everywhere! 

Lucijan’s mom told us all about her family’s positive experiences with Helen Doron English, “We are a small family of three – Mom and Dad: Virna and Vatroslav Sablić and our son Lucijan who is  ten years old and currently attending Paul Ward’s World at Helen Doron Learning Centre in Maksimir. His teacher is Mrs. Ivana Đaković.  We live in Zagreb, Croatia and our mother tongue is, of course, Croatian. Both my husband, who is an electrical engineer, and I speak English, I also speak French and Russian as my profession is French and Russian teacher. 

Lucijan joined Helen Doron when he was three and a half years old. At that time, he already knew some 50 basic words of English because he used to watch a baby cartoon TV channel in English. We noticed that he had fun repeating the words and the sentences, so we thought it was a good moment to enrol him in English course for children. We saw a Helen Doron commercial on TV, we read about the methodology and decided to try. 

During the first year, we attended the classes together and I was able to get acquainted with the approach and the method. I was surprized how easily and naturally Lucian learned the language through playing, singing and dancing. Our teacher has a lot of patience with children and manages to keep their attention and interest in different activities, which is not always an easy task.    

Also, the atmosphere is relaxed, there is no pressure; they often talk about children’s favourite games, gadgets or even about lost milk teeth. Very soon, going to English classes began Lucijan’s favourite occupation, he became friends with other students and he showed great progress. 

Lucijan communicates in English with his friends during his sports activities. All the games, cartoons and documentaries that he is watching are in English. When his classmates come to visit, they speak English and very often on the way home from school they analyse games (Minecraft and Clash of Clans) in English. When we travel abroad, he uses English to get by in shops, restaurants, museums etc. 

All in all, I can say that his good knowledge of English gives him the freedom to communicate, to play, to learn and to travel. He loves English because it is closely connected to all the things that he is interested in. From my experience, in other English classes children have to repeat endlessly some basic phrases and expressions which makes the classes boring and tiring. It is not the case with Helen Doron programmes – where you have fun, play and laugh …all in English!”


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