SUCCESS! The Lopez family from Spain loves Helen Doron English


The Lopez family from Almeria, Spain are big supporters of early English language learning and are huge fans of Helen Doron English!

Meet the family:  Rafael is a farmer, Cecelia is a notary office assistant and six-year-old Jimena and her brother, three-year-old Alonso, have both been attending Helen Doron classes starting from their first birthdays.

Rafael told us that the family speaks Spanish at home, but he finds even his own English skills are improving as he learns from his children. “As the students are encouraged to listen to the DVDs while having a bath or before going to bed, I come across many new words I didn’t know before. I see this as a priceless present from my children.  Moreover, I feel they are in ‘good hands’ because I really believe in the method. I see how it really works, and both my wife and I are benefitting, as well.”

The proud father sees that there is a big difference in the level of spoken English his children have as compared with their friends who don’t attend Helen Doron. “It is really their cup of tea as they really look forward to going to classes. They find the classes to be a time of pleasure and joy more than being taught, and they learn easily through fun.”

Jimena and Alonso’s parents find that it is increasingly important to be able to communicate well in English in their country. “It used to be important to know good English when we were growing up, but nowadays is a must, in a hard and challenging world of globalization and competence. To be able to communicate with people from all over the world, as well as finding a good job, you must have a good command of English.”





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