Success! Freedom to Teach on Five Continents

Bobbharatn Rithipol (Beth) is a great example of a Helen Doron teacher who took advantage of the international franchise’s opportunity to train in one location, and then work in her choice of 35 countries!

The truly international young woman has experienced many different lifestyles and cultures. “I currently live and work in Florence, Italy.  I was born in Boston, Massachusetts and my parents were born in Cambodia, so we spoke both English and Khmer (the dominant language in Cambodia) at home.  I speak English, Khmer, Thai, and Cantonese. “

Her first stop in the Helen Doron world was in Bangkok, Thailand. “In 2013, I moved from Hong Kong to Bangkok and I was searching for English teaching positions.  I read about the methodology on the Helen Doron website and realized that I had learned Thai and Cantonese in very similar ways.  I am a true believer in the methodology.”

After passing the Teacher’s Training, she taught in Bangkok and then used her experience and training to fulfil her dream of living and working in Italy. “Now I teach at a Helen Doron learning center in Florence, Italy. Seeing my students use English skills that they learned in my classroom is one of the most rewarding parts of teaching.  I also love seeing my Baby’s Best Start students grow and develop with each other.  It’s almost magical how their faces change right before your eyes.  Having the comfort of knowing that parents trust you to be an influential part of their children’s lives makes it really easy to get up in the morning and go to work”.

How is Helen Doron different? “I taught at other schools in Hong Kong where the kids were expected to stay in their chairs for most of the lesson.  I love how our lessons encourage movement and exploration outside of the classroom.  At Helen Doron, we bring in real foods and materials of different textures: such a vibrant and well-rounded curriculum!  Our class sizes are also smaller than most other schools.  I think this makes it easier to connect with the students and their parents. “

Regardless of which of the nearly 1,000 locations you work in throughout the world, the methodology is stimulating and produces happy children who speak English—and the teachers love their chosen careers. “The environment really gets your creative juices flowing.  I met so many wonderful people while working as a Helen Doron teacher.  I became good friends with so many teachers and students’ parents.  I still keep in touch with my colleagues, my lovely bosses, and my students and their parents in Thailand.  Becoming a Helen Doron teacher only added more value to my life.  If you love children and love to get creative with them, then contact the nearest Helen Doron Learning Centre.  You too will meet some of the most passionate and fascinating people!”

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