Helen Doron English Launches Young Heroes, Readers are Leaders Campaign

Helen Doron English Launches Young Heroes, Readers are Leaders Campaign
International campaign focuses on empowering children around the world to enjoy reading

London, January 8 — The Helen Doron Educational Group is putting the focus on reading in their 2018 Young Heroes Readers are Leaders campaign. The campaign highlights reading as a superpower — and how reading has a powerful impact on children’s future prospects.
“Readers are Leaders is about enabling every child to enjoy the magic of reading. We’re well aware that many children don’t know how to read, nor to do they have access to books. This campaign gives participants the chance to encourage reading, donate funds or books to organizations promoting literacy, or create their own books,” explains Helen Doron, CEO of the Helen Doron Educational Group.
“Following on the success of our Young Heroes campaign last year, we’re once again calling on our student body to look around their community (or further afield) and use their abilities to help others enjoy the magic of reading,” says Doron.
Every team will have the opportunity to upload their reading project on the Young Heroes Readers are Leaders website commencing April 1st. Each project team must nominate a relevant beneficiary (charity or non-profit organization) to receive the substantial cash prizes. The winning teams will receive book vouchers to ensure they continue to enjoy reading.
The campaign is not limited to Helen Doron English students. Anyone who wants to join this worthy cause and help promote reading worldwide is invited to join the Readers are Leaders campaign. “Let’s make this the year in which as many children as possible learn to read, get access to books and enjoy the magic of reading,” concludes Doron.



Young Heroes Web Site


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