Helen Doron Announces Innovative Learning Materials with ‘English Everywhere.’


Helen Doron®— known globally as the premier system for teaching English to children, announces English Everywhere, a variety of innovative learning resources designed to help children learn English wherever they happen to be.

English Everywhere is a unique and engaging supplement to Helen Doron English in-class programmes.  With a unique methodology based on 30 years of experience, Helen Doron English offers the most wide-ranging courseware in the industry with programmes that enable children from infants to teens to become proficient and comfortable speaking, reading and writing English.  The programmes are not only comprehensive, but also unique and innovative, taking into account children’s individual learning styles. The course materials use games, movement, music and fun to maximize children’s natural love of learning and ability to absorb languages. “Helen Doron Educational Group has taken a strategic decision to heavily invest in web and mobile technologies as a natural extension to the in-class learning of its world-leading EFL afterschool English programmes and daytime bilingual kindergartens. English Everywhere enhances our frontal classes with an additional layer of learning resources making English learning more accessible and turning our very popular English teaching methodologies into a complete multimedia experience,” explains Simon Darr, Chief Marketing Officer of the Helen Doron Educational Group.

English Everywhere includes a wide-ranging assortment of online and mobile games and activities. Some are stand-alone, while others integrate with Helen Doron English course materials and supplement classroom learning. The Helen Doron Song Club offers engaging and original songs and videos. This exclusive Helen Doron YouTube channel is filled with hours of listening enjoyment and makes it fun and easy for even very young children to learn English.

Helen Doron® offers a variety of educational apps for mobile devices which keep kids engaged and practicing English. Both Android and Apple apps include augmented reality technology which brings books to life.

Targeting adolescents, Helen Doron Radio offers age-appropriate broadcasting that encourages teens to improve their English while having fun listening to great music, stories, contests, special guests and more. Helen Doron Radio is the only worldwide internet radio station created for EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teen students.

Helen Doron, founder and CEO explains, “While we continue to believe in the importance of the classroom teacher as role model, teaching a well-planned curriculum tailored to students’ learning needs, we also truly believe that keeping with the times requires that we offer interactive, dynamic online and mobile resources.” English Everywhere is a well-planned assortment of interactive, fun and motivating materials that encourage students to practice English beyond the classroom.

English Everywhere opens the doors to Helen Doron’s very popular English learning methodology and programmes to the greater world. “Until recently, potential English learners of Helen Doron English were limited to a physical location where we have an actual learning centre. Now, with English Everywhere, we are making Helen Doron available to millions of people around the globe who understand the value and importance of raising children with a strong English language background.”, Darr explains and continues, “The mobile apps, games portal, online radio and YouTube channels that make up English Everywhere will also have a significant impact on our business bringing the Helen Doron name into new regions and households otherwise outside the current Helen Doron franchise network.”

For more information about English Everywhere, go to www.helendoron.com.



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